Home Free won NBC’s a capella group competition The Sing-Off in 2013 by wowing viewers with their impeccable harmonies. Three years later, the group continue to impress listeners with their cover songs, like this rendition of "Amazing Grace."

The five-piece a capella singers teamed up with Peter Hollens for the mesmerizing rendition of "Amazing Grace," which is also featured on Hollens' latest Christmas album. Set in a church, the six singers deliver a hauntingly beautiful performance as they are seated in pews facing the alter. Midway through the song, they find themselves outside in a field and take over where they left off in the church as each singer gets his time in the spotlight.

Longtime collaborators, Hollens shared his excitement to join forces with Home Free once again.

"I had the absolute honor of working with Home Free on this one," he says in a video message at the song's close. "I love these guys, they are so talented and fun. We have worked together once before on a video called "19 You & Me."

Home Free are currently on the road, having recently kicked off their Christmas tour. Dates run through Dec. 22, while the band heads back out on the road in January in the U.K.

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