College football is exciting, and the first Saturday night primetime game of the season is one to look forward to. But when you add country star Jake Owen into the mix, it becomes an exhilarating, must-watch event. 

The singer will give a special preview of his 'Days of Gold' music video on Saturday (Aug. 31) during the matchup between the Georgia Bulldogs and Clemson Tigers. Owen's upbeat, danceable single will be completely on par with the football-filled event, according to the singer himself.

“Going to college football games, tailgating and living it up with friends is right on track with what ‘Days of Gold’ is all about. I'm excited for the song to be a part of this season’s opening weekend," he shares.

Thankfully, Owen won't actually be playing football, as he's somewhat accident-prone -- as evidenced by his recent hand injury.

The 'Days of Gold' clip that has been released looks to be a fun-filled and fast-paced video of fast cars, sunshine, boats and bikini-clad women. The smile on Owen's face throughout the snippet says one thing: He had a ton of fun shooting the video -- and that means it will also be loads of fun to watch!

'Days of Gold' is the lead single from Owen's forthcoming new album of the same name, which is to be released Dec. 3 and follows his debut, 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night.'

Georgia Bulldogs vs. the Clemson Tigers will kick off on ABC at 8PM ET on Saturday.