Jason Aldean spent part of last week filming the music video for his new song 'Fly Over States' at a junk yard for airplanes. The singer shot at the airport in Smyrna, Tenn., a town just 30 minutes southeast of Nashville.

“I don’t really know what they’re doing with all these planes,” the Tennessean reports that Aldean said during the video shoot. “They’re just kind of piled up, sitting here giving birds a nice home."

The singer and his band filmed inside the hull of one emptied plane and near a few others that were long ago retired. “We always seem to find stuff like this," the singers says. "My director, Wes Edwards … is really good at finding stuff like this that looks like crap and making it look really, really cool on film.”

'Fly Over States' is the fifth single from Aldean's most recent album, 'My Kinda Party.' The singer says he's working on new music and has indicated that a new album will be out this year. He is amongst the nominees for the fan-voted on Entertainer of the Year category at the 2012 ACM Awards.