Jason Morton's soulful, country-rock mix reflects his influences. "The Things I've Done" is a meaty, guitar-driven outlaw mix that no doubt is best heard live.

The Chesapeake Sons include a few female backup singers who offer bluesy refrains during and after his chorus. The most recent example of this in country music is found on a Thousand Horses' debut album, and indeed both credit the Black Crowes as one of many who shaped their sound.

"The Things I've Done" tells a dark story of a man who's committed an unspeakable crime, or maybe just broken up with a lover. Morton's song is open to interpretation, although the singer and the song's writers surely were making a focused point. Country fans will either appreciate the song's vibe or not. The Chesapeake Sons will no doubt carry on regardless.

Did You Know?: Morton used to call his band the Cheaters. From time to time he'd get emails or phone calls from people believing he was with the television show of the same name. The wanted him to investigate their spouse.

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