Multi-platinum recording artist Jo Dee Messina has co-written a new Chicken Soup for the Soul book alongside author and publisher Amy Newmark. The book focuses on the beauty and challenges of motherhood.

Messina wrote the book's introduction and first chapter, which is a tribute to her mother. The chapter tells the story of her mother's lifelong mantra, that there would always be a string connecting their hearts regardless of time, distance, or even death. It's a heartfelt message Messina plans to pass on to her two young sons.

Messina and Newmark personally selected over 100 moving stories written by men and women from across the country. Each story in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thanks to My Mom honors the writers' mothers through beautiful, poignant stories and lessons. From funny motifs to serious sagas, the book is a beautiful homage to mothers across America.

"This book is a gigantic thank you to my mom and yours, with stories that will make them smile, laugh out loud, and even tear up a few times," Messina says. The book is the perfect Mother's Day gift.

The book also includes the lyrics to Messina's song "Me" and a link to a special performance of the song. The song contains lyrics like, "I'm somebody's teacher when they don't understand / Got a seat in the bleachers I'm the world's biggest fan / I wish I was half the woman I've got to be / I wish I had the answers right in front of me." The song paints a realistic picture of the struggles and insecurities many mothers face.

Fans can purchase the book here.

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