Joe Don Rooney may be having some downtime away from his Rascal Flatts bandmates this holiday season, but he's busier than ever at home. A little over a month in to being a family of five, Rooney says it's definitely a new dynamic, but it's one that he's loving every second of.

Devon Olivia joined 6-year-old Jagger and 4-year-old Rocky on Sept. 29, and Rooney says her big brother and sister are acclimating to their new baby sister in different, but equally sweet ways.

"I would say it’s been different in the dynamics of the kids," reveals the Flatts star. "Jagger’s kind of like, he walks in the room, we might be feeding Devon, and he’s like, 'Oh that’s sweet, a little baby.' And he pats her on the head like she's a puppy dog and then he pretty much leaves the room. He’s kind of like in and out. Rocky being four years old, she’s a girl obviously, and she wants to hold Devon and feed her. She’s very motherly, very hands on, very one-on-one with Devon and she just loves her. It’s so sweet."

Rooney admits that having more kids than adults in the house has been quite an adjustment for he and wife Tiffany Fallon, but he says the challenge is a welcome one when weighed against the joy of a big family.

"It’s challenging in some ways, just because your time is spread out a little bit more," he dishes. "But coming home to a full house is really, really sweet. It’s a really amazing, powerful feeling that I feel blessed to get to feel."

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