Yep, Jon Pardi is releasing another song about boots, but “Dirt on My Boots” is a world away from the sugar-sweet “Head Over Boots.” The second single from the California Sunrise album is also a throwback.

You may recall early Tim McGraw when you hear Pardi’s voice and mix on “Dirt on My Boots.” Guitar chords and fiddle pulls come in sharp, straight lines instead of mellifluous arcs. It’s a moodier arrangement that will play well in the club. Rhett Akins, Jesse Frasure and Ashley Gorley steer straight down country Main St. with the lyrics to this blue collar love song.

The song’s hook is that Pardi is going to knock the dirt from his boots when he picks his girl up for some Friday night fun. “I can get cleaned up if you ask me / But I can only get so fancy,” he sings at the bridge. That sentiment feels true to everything we know about the California native thus far.

Any song with Frasure in the credits is going to feel post-modern, and when compared to the timeless “Head Over Boots,” this one sounds like it’s on steroids. Relative to other hits on the radio, it’s a middle-of-the-pack production that relies on satisfying your after work temperament.

Did You Know?: Co-writer Jesse Frasure was a successful DJ named Telemitry before becoming a hot Nashville songwriter. His website lists clients like Drake and Nicki Minaj.

Listen to Jon Pardi, "Dirt on My Boots" 

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Jon Pardi's "Dirt on My Boots" Lyrics:

“Been up since the crack of dawn / Just tryin’ to get paid / Been hotter than a hundred suns / I can’t find no shade / Just two more rows and I’m good to go, yeah / I’m shuttin’ this tractor down / Gimme half an hour for a shave and a shower / And I’ll be outside your house.”

“Might have a little dirt on my boots / But I’m takin’ you uptown tonight / Might have a little mud on my wheels / But they’re gonna shine with you up inside / Gonna hit the club, gonna cut a rug / Burn it up like neon lights / Might have a little dirt on my boots / But we’re gonna dance the dust right off them tonight, yeah, girl / Got a little dirt on my boots.”

“Hard as I worked all day / I’m gonna work harder lovin’ on you / Spin you all over that dance floor / Right out of them high-heeled shoes / And when you’re ready to quit, baby, we can slip / Right outta that barroom door / And when I take you home, don’t worry, baby / I’m gonna kick ‘em off on the porch.”

“A little dirty dancin’ / Blue-collar romancin’ / I can get cleaned up if you ask me / But I can only get so fancy.”

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