Jon Pardi shows his brand of California country in his "Heartache on the Dance Floor" music video.

The summer jam is the third charting Billboard single off Pardi's 2016 California Sunrise album, behind his previous No. 1's  "Head Over Boots" and "Dirt on my Boots." His latest single takes a detour from songs featuring footwear and focuses more on shoutouts to his California roots.

"Yeah, I was just hanging out / Some little west coast town / Found a bar out by the sand, so I made my way in / First thing that caught my eye, like nothing I'd ever seen / Sunburned auburn air, the California dream / Yeah, she was shaking them hips / To some old Motown song / I couldn't say anything so I sang along."

However, like Pardi's other two smash hits, "Heartache on the Dance Floor" still has a little love story involved. The video reveals Pardi falling asleep in the the sand and heading into a dream sequence that closely mimics the lyrics in the first verse (above), where he heads to a beach bar and become infatuated with a girl on the dance floor.

A one-night fling, Pardi spends the first chorus and rest of the song driving around and wondering where his dream girl ran off to. He doesn't even appear to know her name (which will make it nearly impossible to friend her on Facebook).

By the end of the song and video, Pardi never finds his lost love, but pleads in the lyrics: "If you're listening, listening, listening / Where you at, where you at, where you at tonight?" The odds of Pardi running into his one-nighter once more are not in his favor, and his bandmates are seen at the end of the music video, waking him up from his dream, with no happy ending in sight.

Or was it a dream?

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