With ‘When I’ve Been Drinking,’ Jon Pardi eases off the throttle. His previous singles were country-guitar laced anthems, but this new track is more reliant on a slow groove that builds through the final chorus.

Lyrically, Pardi is still very aggressive. There’s no need for an interpreter with the California-raised singer. During this self-penned track, he’s apologizing:

“I was a little outta my mind / Last night when I called you up / I’m sorry if I upset you / With all that missin’ you stuff,” he sings to open the song. Producer Bart Butler and Jeremy Spillman helped him write 'When I've Been Drinking.'

Pardi’s sound is unapologetically country. One doesn’t notice a synthetic instrument or any type of reverb on his vocals. He sticks to themes of love, lost love and drinking on his debut album, of which ‘When I’ve Been Drinking’ is a fine representative.

I was just drunk-dialin’ your number / Hopin’ that you just might wanna come over / I might have said a little too much / You know I don’t think before I talk when I got a good buzz / Can’t be held responsible for what I was sayin’ / You know I say a lot of things when I’ve been drinkin’.”

One senses Pardi’s lived this song, and the more fans learn about him, the more this seems to be the case.

Why Fans Will Love It: Pardi's fourth single from 'Write You a Song' is a laid-back, old-fashioned country love song. He's a modern throwback.

Key Lyrics: "Can’t be held responsible for what I was sayin’ / You know I say a lot of things when I’ve been drinkin’"

Did You Know?: Pardi's secret weapon is producer and songwriter Bart Butler. Prior to writing songs, he was involved in song publishing, helping to land hits like Tim McGraw's 'Just to See You Smile.'

Listen to Jon Pardi, 'When I've Been Drinking'

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