Jordan Davis' forthcoming debut album has been a long time coming. He's been writing songs full-time for half a decade, so the up-and-coming singer-songwriter certainly had a heavy stack to choose from. That also means now he's in the position to create an album special to him, crafting it carefully from his stories.

Davis says it was when he began sifting through his expansive catalog is when it dawned on him that he was finally creating something all his own. "I think there's a lot of diversity on it," Davis tells Taste of Country. "I think it's a wide range of sounds and also just different song writing styles. It's been an unbelievable, just awesome experience. It's definitely going be a fun record."

Though he's proud of every hand-selected song on the project, he's particularly fond of the striking "Leaving New Orleans," a ballad that paints an image of the historic city and makes you feel like you've been transported to the French Quarter. "That's a song that I love a lot," the Louisiana native says. "Anytime I get to sing about the home state, I'm happy." He's also "really proud" of "Don't Do Lonely Well," a last minute addition to the record.

"I think that it's just been a really cool process of just seeing a lot of people that love these songs come together and just try to make them the best that they can be," the singer-songwriter says about putting the album together. Though rooted in the country genre, Davis' debut project draws from a vast pool of eclectic influences ranging from John Prine to Kings of Leon and Usher.

"I think that influencers are there to influence how you write, not necessarily to mirror what they do," Davis explains. "So my songs may not sound like a John Prine song, but how he influences me echoes in my writing ... and how I kind of married those together is kind of what this album's going be."

Davis' debut single, "Singles You Up," is currently on country radio.

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