"Singles You Up" — Jordan Davis' debut offering to country radio — is a breezy, catchy number that's bound to catch people's ears, but it wasn't inspired by a breakup like it seems. In fact, it was inspired by an engagement.

It's along the same vein as Old Dominion's breakthrough breakup anthem, "Break Up With Him," as "Singles You Up" finds the male lead singing to a love interest that he's patiently waiting in the wings for, should she become available. Though the song is about a relationship ending, Davis reveals that it's actually inspired by co-writer Justin Ebach's engagement. When Davis dropped the line "you were smart not to single her up," they knew they had something worth writing.

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The original concept of the track was from the perspective of a guy who doesn't want to impair his relationship, but the writers felt more drawn to the idea of a guy waiting to pursue this special someone who already has a boyfriend. "I think that it's very relatable, even us in the room writing it that day, we still had situations where we could go back and pull from what we were writing on," Davis tells Taste of Country. "And I think if it's three guys in a room, then there's gotta be 3,000 more out there that are like, 'Man, you know what, I've actually kind of felt that way before.'"

Davis says his first song to country radio — the song he'd use as his introduction to future fans — had to be one he truly felt a connection to, and "Singles You Up" fits the bill. "There's just a unique feel, a unique sound that's a little different," he explains. "And not to mention it's a song that I love; it's something that I enjoy playing every night."

Like what you hear? "Singles You Up" is indicative of what fans can expect from Davis' debut album. "I feel like this one really captured what we do and what we're going continue doing with all the songs on this record," he says.

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