Josh Turner's new single, 'Lay Low' is a tribute to all the simple things that make life worthwhile. And if it's any indication of what his forthcoming album will sound like, it's also a song that will lead to a catchy, heartfelt project fans will love.

While lots of country songs feature strong themes of love -- lost and found -- 'Lay Low' touches on a different, but no less popular sentiment. It's a song heavy with longing, not for a woman (although she's there too), but for a simple place of peace and quiet. After all, who wouldn't want to disappear from and hustle and bustle of life's responsibilities every once in a while?

"I wanna drive until my cell phone / Runs out of range and every bar is gone / Cut through the woods another hundred miles / And disappear for a while."

In 'Lay Low,' written by Ross Copperman, Tony Martin and Mark Nesler, the power comes in its return to the classic tenants of country radio -- simple and meaningful lyrics, a straightforward and steady melody, and a strong and sincere vocal performance. Here, Turner's deep voice is on full display, with backing vocals and a sturdy beat rounding out the song just enough to showcase his talent as a singer who is constantly adapting to the delight of listeners.

While the lyrics and musical approach may seem overly simplistic to some listeners, 'Lay Low' is actually refreshing in the current country scene. While many of today's hits center on heavy drinking, tangled love stories and revenge-driven rebellion, it's exciting to hear Turner sing about simple pleasures like rustic cabins, rain on old tin roofs, and light that comes only from the moon and the fire. Maybe simple is good. Maybe simple is just what we all need.

Why Fans Will Love It: With honest lyrics and a perfectly straightforward melody, 'Lay Low' touches on all the things that make fans love country music.

Key Lyrics: "I wanna hear raindrops fallin’ down on an old tin roof / I wanna find a front porch rail and prop up my travelin’ boots / See your silhouette in that firelight / Feel your body lyin’ next to mine / Spend a few days together alone / And just lay low."

Did You Know?: The sentiment behind 'Lay Low' is likely very appealing, albeit impossible, to Turner at the moment. The singer and his wife, Jennifer, just welcomed their fourth son on Sept. 4.

Listen to Josh Turner, 'Lay Low'

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