JT Hodges is quietly building a name for himself as the guy who sings fun, ambitious pop-country songs that leave one confused but wanting more. Much like his debut single, 'Hunt You Down,' 'Goodbyes Made You Mine' takes a few listens to sort out, but it's worth it. A fresher country sound hasn't been heard since Sugarland debuted in 2004.

'Goodbyes Made You Mine' is a story of promises kept. Hodges plays the roll of the good guy, the lover who benefits from his girl's spotted history with men.

"I'm not your high school love, your first love your first kiss / Guy that crossed you off of his list / I'm not the red taillights that left you behind, again and again," he rattles off without stopping to breath during the first verse. The pacing and heavy (too heavy?) guitars may remind '90s kids of 'I Want You' by Savage Garden. You know, the chica Cherry Cola song? Sure, you acted like you didn't like that song at the time, but can you avoid hearing it one more time by watching this video? Neither could we.

"I ain't the same ol' let you go run you around / String you along, do you wrong, like they done you 'til now / Girl after all you've been through I knew it'd be a matter of time / 'Til all those goodbyes made you mine," Hodges sings during the chorus. The different melodies don't mingle as politely as one would like, but the awkward pre-chorus sneaks by with little notice on his winsome tone. There are several moments -- like the second "again" in "again and again" -- that make this song memorable. His attention to detail should be rewarded -- if not with radio airplay, then with an expanding fan base to set him up for the next single or tour with Toby Keith.

4 Stars

Listen to JT Hodges, 'Goodbyes Made You Mine'

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