Rascal Flatts' much-anticipated collaboration with 16-year-old Justin Bieber, 'That Should Be Me,' made its way to iTunes on Valentine's Day, just in time to break the hearts of single country fans and teenage girls alike.

'That Should Be Me' brings to life the pain of seeing an ex-lover in a new relationship, and Flatts and Bieber share the sting in the lyrical harmony that is full of regret:

"That should be me holding your hand / That should be me making you laugh / That should be me, this is so sad / That should be me / That should be me."

While this collaboration is a sad song for the brokenhearted on Valentine's Day -- or Singles Awareness Day, in this case -- it's heartwarming that one of country's most notable bands and pop's undeniable prince could blend together so well in musical matrimony.

'That Should Be Me' appears on Bieber's new EP, 'Never Say Never (The Remixes),' released on Feb. 14.

Listen to Justin Bieber Feat. Rascal Flatts, 'That Should Be Me'