Like a number of the songs from Justin Moore's new album, 'Bed of My Chevy' began as nothing but a cool song title. Moore tells Taste of Country he borrowed a lyric from Jack Ingram's 'Barefoot and Crazy." "We'll take a little dip and sleep in the bed of my Chevy," Ingram sings. For Moore and his producer/co-writer Jeremy Stover, that was enough to inspire a story that just about every young country boy has lived.

The first verse goes, "We can pop a top on a bottle of Boone's / Have a front row seat to a big full moon / Kick back and listen to the crickets in the field / Find a star we can call our own / Watch the lightning bugs / 'Til they're gone / Light a fire of passion or lay real still."

Moore says the two songwriters began talking about their first loves and first experiences, and both had shared a moment similar to the story of 'Bed of My Chevy' with different girls. The singer says the song has a southern rock feel, similar to a few on his self-titled debut album. "It's a love song ... that I don't feel like a sissy singing," he says.

In reality the brand of truck doesn't make much difference. Fans will easily relate to the moments described in the chorus. "In the bed of my Chevy on the outskirts of town / We can dance standing up or lay a blanket down / I can show you how much I love you, if you let me / Make a memory we'll never forget / Whisper little words I've never said / I'll pull you close when it gets hot and heavy / In the bed of my Chevy."

'Bed of My Chevy' comes late on 'Outlaws Like Me,' but was actually amongst the first written for the project. Moore and Stover penned the tune around the time 'Barefoot and Crazy' was a hit for Jack Ingram (2009). The title track is the final song on the album, but was likewise written very early. Check back tomorrow to learn the special reason Moore placed that song last.

Taste of Country will be exploring the lyrics of each of the 13 tracks on Justin Moore's new album, leading up to the release date on June 21. Check back daily for the story behind a different song.

Watch Justin Moore Sing 'Bed of My Chevy' Live