Justin Moore has never been shy to endorse the National Rifle Association, so it's not surprising that he's been selected to write the theme song for a new NRA Country campaign. Moore's song can been heard in a video available at the NRA Country Facebook page. One needs to 'like' the page to view the video.

“I’m proud to be a member of the NRA, and I was honored to write a theme song for NRA Country,” Moore says. “I hope this song helps spread the word about how important it is to protect our freedoms and inspires people to live a good wholesome all-American lifestyle that would make our founding fathers proud.”

The video begins with a variety of kids, young men and women saying "I am NRA Country," before scanning the cities and farms of America. It's very patriotic, but no guns are seen in the video. "This is NRA Country / We love the stars and stripes / This is NRA Country / We love the outdoor life / We hunt and fish and teach our kids not to live life in a hurry / It's where I was raised this is NRA Country," he sings.

In June, Moore talked to Taste of Country about the song 'Guns' from his new 'Outlaws Like Me' album. He said he's been working with the NRA for years. ”The perception of the NRA is they just wave the flag for the second amendment, which they do, but they do so many great things: Gun safety, helping teach people what they need to know about owning a gun. They teach you how to do things the right way.”

The song can be downloaded as a bonus track to Moore's new album. The video is available for the next two weeks before other artists represent the NRA. Blake Shelton, Chuck Wicks and Craig Morgan are also involved in the 'This is NRA Country' campaign.

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