Justin Moore went a bit 'off the beaten path' in creatively revealing his new album cover. How did he do it? With the help of thousands of hashtags. A few years ago, it would have been completely unfamiliar, but now, hashtags are simply a part of life, so the star enlisted his fans in spreading the word and revealing the album cover. 

Moore's 'Off the Beaten Path' album cover was covered in camouflage, but through an interactive campaign across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, small pieces of camouflage were removed, slowly revealing the final image. In order to remove the camouflage, fans posted using the hashtag #OFFTHEBEATENPATH.

Naturally, the singer's dedicated fanbase was extremely excited about helping Moore out, and within one hour of going live, the hashtag was trending nationally on Twitter, ending with nearly 11,000 tweets, over 5,500 Instagram photos and 10,000 Facebook impressions. Not only were fans involved with the big reveal, they also were given the chance to win an autographed guitar. Final results of the campaign are available here.

Finally, the 'Point at You' singer tweeted out the album cover, which shows him handsomely clad in a cowboy hat, boots, and all denim -- truly looking like a modern-day cowboy, backed by gorgeous wooded scenery.

Moore's past two records have been certified Gold, and based on the fan excitement regarding his newest studio album, there's a whole lot of buzz around 'Off the Beaten Path,' too. Miranda Lambert and Charlie Daniels lent their voices to the record, which hits stores Sept.17.

Thankfully, fans won't have to go off the beaten path to pick one up -- although, based on their loyalty, they probably would.