Justin Moore has admitted that when it comes to disciplining his daughter Ella, he's one big pushover. But, when it comes to potential suitors for his 3-year-old? He's not a pushover; in fact, he's a scary dad. 

The 'Point at You' singer tells CMT that at Ella's gymnastics class, he apparently scares one little boy in particular. "This little boy, who's 3, told his mom, 'I hope her dad don't bring her back again. I want her mom to bring her. Her dad scares me.'"

Although some parents might be offended by the little boy's strong opinion, Moore jokes that it's actually a good thing, saying, "So I'm glad that I've got that effect on my daughter and a boy at 3 years old. If I can keep that going for the next 20 years, I'll be doing all right."

With two beautiful daughters -- Ella and then younger daughter Kennedy-- Moore may have his hands full once they hit their teenage years and all the boys start flocking to them.

However, for now, he's definitely enjoying it, as the country crooner has described fatherhood as the coolest experience of them all. Moore will head out on his Off the Beaten Path Tour, which has 57-dates, this fall. Although he may be a scary dad at gymnastics class, he's one talented musician on stage.