Justin Moore recently found out that he and his wife Kate are expecting their second child, another little girl. The happy couple are already the proud parents to 17-month-old Ella Kole, who was born in February of 2010. Moore knows with one more daughter on the way, things will only continue to get tougher as a parent when it comes to scolding.

"I am a pushover and will probably continue to be," Moore tells Taste of Country. "My wife's the one who has to get on to Ella about stuff. Ella's getting to the point where she knows what she's doing is wrong ... so I go, 'Kate, you're going to have to tell her no, because I'm never going to say the word no [laughs]."

Although she's just a few months over a year old, little Ella has been keeping up with all of Daddy's fun activities, including road trips on the bus while he tours. "She's cool," beams the proud papa. "I've already had her out on the lake. Maybe this year I'll have to get her in a deer stand!"

In the recent months, however, Moore and his band and crew have learned to tame some of the language used around his little girl. "She's a little mocking bird," Moore says of Ella. "She says everything now. My wife and I were talking the other day saying that we've really got to start watching our mouths ... not that we're awful, but everybody lets it slip here and there. It's to that point where you really got to start paying attention. The guys on the bus were talking about that the other day. I have two guys who are on my bus with me, and we're all like, 'We need to really watch our mouths!' [laughs]. With Ella, as soon as you say something, she says it right back to you!"

Moore's latest album, 'Outlaws Like Me,' hit stores in May, and has already produced a No. 1 single with 'If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away.' His next single is the tongue and cheek 'Bait a Hook,' which impacts radio on August 1.

Watch the Justin Moore 'If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away' Video