Twenty-seven looks good on Kacey Musgraves! The singer rang in her birthday on Friday (Aug. 21) with a fancy tea party which included a Smilebooth and lots of her friends.

According to the "Biscuits" singer's Instagram, she had all the party essentials: "confetti and cakes and friends and bowties and pearls and real live butterflies." Sounds like a party fit for the "Dime Store Cowgirl." She also had a fancy photo booth called a Smilebooth, which captured the singer and her pals in front of a gold sparkly background. Party attendees shared their pics on Instagram with the hashtag #KaceysPartea.

Musgraves wore a yellow, vintage dress with white flower accents, her long, not purple hair down under a mini butterfly hat. She also sported a big grin! Judging by the photos, the country singer had a stellar time celebrating her birth among friends and even her mom and sister. She's quite an animal lover, so her furry baby was of course at the party, as well. The dog, Pearl (who actually wore pearls to the party), got to take a few photos with Musgraves, too! You can also see Pearl wearing a furry little hat — everyone at the party was truly fancy!

Happy birthday, Ms. Musgraves, we're certainly glad you were born!

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