Kacey Musgraves' 'Follow Your Arrow' lyrics have an interesting and artistic origin. They started out as a poem the country star penned for a close friend and developed into a song from 'Same Trailer Different Park,' and her fans are relating to the track on a deep and personal level.

The lyrics to the song are simple, but descriptive. They encourage and celebrate following your heart and doing what makes you happy, all the while not caring what anyone else says or thinks about you or your choices. Essentially, Musgraves penned a song about following your heart via the metaphor of an arrow.

Musgraves sings about the double standards of life in the 'Follow Your Arrow' lyrics: "If you won't have a drink / Then you're a prude / But they'll call you a drunk / As soon as you down the first one."

She points out succinctly that "You're damned if you do / And you're damned if you don't / So you might as well just do / Whatever you want."  Doing whatever you want includes making noise and kissing boys, but the main declaration of the 'Follow Your Arrow' lyrics is that "When the straight and narrow / Gets a little too straight / Roll up a joint, or don't / Just follow your arrow / Wherever it points, yeah."

When stripped down to its base parts, it's an inspirational song which Musgraves co-wrote with Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally.

"It started off as a poem, honestly, for this friend who was going off to Paris for four months studying and she was leaving everything she knew behind, going to a foreign country [and] didn’t know the language," Musgraves reveals. "I gave her this little arrow necklace and I wrote a little poem and it had 'follow your arrow’ in it, 'kiss lots of boys,' and it kind of started there, but it turned into a bigger idea."

It's sweet that her love for her friend also inspired the 'Follow Your Arrow' lyrics. Musgraves' ability to mine her personal life as source material for songs has served her well. She is nominated for a whopping six CMA Awards this year.

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