Kane Brown hasn't watched his ACM Awards performance with Lauren Alaina since they took the Las Vegas stage on April 15. He may not want to relive what was a very public, very uncomfortable moment with a longtime friend.

Their fans know Brown and Alaina are old schoolmates, but much of the television audience who watched them sing "What Ifs" did not, and producers wanted them to sell the love song.

“That was the first thing they told us,” Brown says of the choreography. “They were just like, ‘This is how you end.'"

Any distance is magnified on camera, show producers and directors told them. So as the song slowly built, they slow inched closer and closer until the very end, when they were standing close enough identify what kind of food the other had eaten for dinner.

“It was super awkward," Brown admits. "Lauren was like, ‘Might as well go ahead and grab his butt too!'"

If you're curious, Brown's fiancee, Katelyn Jae, was cool with it all. Fans loved it too, but they were quick to correct anyone who suggested the two country singers were an item or about to become one. It's not happening.

As for the rest of the performance, the "Heaven" singer says he mostly blacked out and remembers very little, except for one celebrity seated in the front row. Watch the video to see whose opinion he was borderline obsessed with at one point.

"Heaven" is Brown's Top 5 song from the deluxe version of his self-titled debut album. He's working on new music and plans to marry Katelyn Jae in 2018. Look for him at the Taste of Country Music Festival in June.

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