Kane Brown's "Lost in the Middle of Nowhere" featuring Becky G now has a new flavo — namely, a Spanish remix!

Earlier this week, Brown took to Instagram to share the official track artwork, revealing that the song and music video would come Friday. The video preview shows a moody visual of the two artists driving in a convertible at night; it also gives fans a little more of the song, as strains of the mix plays over it.

Brown previously collaborated with Becky G on the original version of the song which fused pop and country together. She is a pop artist versed in both the English and Spanish music scenes, having first debuted in 2013 with her single "Becky From the Block."

Along with music, Becky is also an actress, appearing in the hit TV show Empire, along with being the yellow ranger in The Power Rangers movie and other projects.

Prior to the original single's release, Becky admitted to ET that she was a bit nervous on how the country world would perceive the project.

"I think as an artist, especially in this day and age, there's mixed emotions," she said. "There's definitely this creative freedom, that I feel very liberated by — why do we have to be put into boxes? But at the same time, you're like, 'Am I going to be accepted in this genre? Am I going to be accepted by this community or this audience of fans?'"

Luckily for fans, that hesitation didn't keep the two artists from going ahead and forging new paths in the country world. As Becky wrote on her own social media: "Spanglish country ... we’re doing it!!"

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