Keith Urban may be Australian, but the singer's reason for joining 'American Idol' as a judge proves that the American Dream is a concept that transcends cultures and geographic divides.

The idea that someone with God-given vocal talent deserves a chance to have their voice heard is one that is universal, and that's why the show -- which will launch its 12th season on Jan. 16 -- is an important asset to Urban. After all, it's that very idea that helped him build a successful career as a country star.

“'American Idol' really personifies the American Dream,” Urban, who will make his debut as a judge on the new-look panel this season, said (quote via GAC.) "It is what brought me all the way to America. It completely provides that for someone who’s come from nothing. They just have raw talent and a hunger and a desire to become a real artist and the show completely gives them that chance.”

When stripped down to the basics, Urban's success story is not that much different from the contestants who compete on 'Idol' each season. That's why his role as a judge will be a invaluable to the hopefuls that take the stage in 2013.

We're glad that the drama between fellow new judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj hasn't spoiled Urban's positive feelings towards the show. He could end up being the "rock" who anchors this year's panel.