When Keith Urban was approached by the big-wigs behind the epic film, 'Act of Valor,' to create a song for its official motion picture soundtrack, he was honored, but knew he had a big job on his hands to come up with the perfect 'For You' lyrics.

"Being commissioned to write a song for the film 'Act of Valor' was daunting," Urban tells People Country in its latest issue. "I had no clue how to write a song for this. It was last fall, just before I was going to have vocal surgery, and I thought, 'I can't ... I just am not going to have time to do this!' My wife said, 'Just try it!' She's so great, because she knows when I'm operating out of a place of fear -- it's one of the many things I love about her.

"After seeing a screening of the film, I was so astounded at what the Navy SEALs do," Urban continues. "The dedication and sacrifices of the SEALs, their willingness to give their life for what they believe in. I was really taken by a scene in [the movie] where a SEAL is killed in action, saving his team. I thought, 'If you could talk to that SEAL immediately after he died, would he redo it differently if he could? Would there be regret?'"

"All I saw was smoke and fire / I didn't feel a thing / But suddenly I was rising higher / And I felt like I just made the biggest mistake / When I thought about my unborn child / When I thought about my wife / And the answer rang out clear from somewhere up above / No greater gift has man than to lay down his life for love," Urban co-wrote in the 'For You' opening lyrics.

"[Then] I started thinking, 'What am I willing to give my life for? What's my act of valor?'" the singer asked himself. "The song is intended to pose the question to the listener. For me, it's absolutely my family."

"And I wonder, would I give my life / And could I make that sacrifice / If it came down to it could I take the bullet / I would, yes I would for you," he helped write in the chorus.

"I felt like I can't be asking these sort of questions without giving my own answer," says Urban.

"And I would give my life / I would make that sacrifice / 'Cause if it came down to it / Could I take the bullet / I would, yes I would / I'd do it for you," he sings in the final 'For You' lyrics.

Urban adds poignantly,  "I may not be able to do what these guys are doing, but I know who I would do it for."

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