It seems unlikely that Lady Antebellum would have time to write while out on the road, but the lyrics to 'Wanted You More' -- their current hit single -- were written under those conditions. The tune was born during soundcheck with their backing bandmates, Jason "Slim" Gambill, Matt Billingslea, Jonathan Long and Dennis Edwards, who were all credited on the song.

"We wrote ['Wanted You More'] during soundcheck with our band," explains Lady A's Charles Kelley. "They were just up there noodling around, and we were like, 'That sounds really cool.' We started on this melody and then went back to the dressing room and wrote this song. That's what makes it special for us."

"I kept waiting on a reason / In a call that never came / No I never saw it coming / Something in you must have changed / All the words unspoken, promises broken / I cried for so long / Wasted too much time, should've seen the signs / Now I know just what went wrong," they wrote in the 'Wanted You More' opening lyrics.

"It's funny, after listening to the song more and more, it felt like it's almost the next stage of 'Need You Now.' It's like you're past that ... I guess you wanted me more than I wanted you. I don't need this anymore. It's cool to be continuing that story a little bit."

"I guess I wanted you more / And looking back now I'm sure / I wanted you more / I guess I wanted you more," they wrote in the song's chorus.

"That song, with the instrumentation and lyrics, it makes me sad to sing it," adds the trio's frontlady, Hillary Scott. "But the lyrics, everybody -– whether we want to admit it or not -- has been in a place where we cared about someone more than they cared about us."

She adds, "It's a vulnerable thing to admit. It's definitely emotional."

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