Trace Adkins knows how to give a song a sexy delivery, and he really nails it in his 'Them Lips (On Mine)' lyrics. Penned by Jim Beavers and Tom Shapiro, the tune landed in the right artist's hands and the result is a surefire hit on the rise.

"When Tom and I got together that day, he already had this really cool drum track he had been working on," Beavers tells Taste of Country of writing the 'Them Lips (On Mine)' lyrics. "So, in an unusual method for country, we started with the music first. We were just grooving around throwing stuff out when Tom started kind of chanting 'them lips ... right here.' We didn't know what it was, but the way it laid in the track was real catchy.

"On Mine, all night / Any other thing you’re thinking ’bout doing tonight, tonight / Wouldn’t be nothing but a waste of time for them lips," they wrote for the chorus to Adkins' new single.

"Lyrically, the break-through came when we decided we would sing about all other things the girl was doing with her lips instead of kissing the singer," Beavers continues. "It was a weird kind of angle."

"Why you talkin’ with ‘em baby / How come they’re sippin’ on ice cold beer / Why you rubbin’ Maybelline on ‘em / When you should be puttin’ those lips right here / They look lonely and need some kissin’ / So why you sittin’ way over there / Bring ‘em on over, you got my permission to get to puttin’ them lips right here," they wrote in the opening 'Them Lips (On Mine)' lyrics.

"The song really took shape after Tom did this really great, interesting demo to it," recalls Beavers. "The crazy thing about this song is how quickly it was cut and singled after we demoed it. Tom sent me the final demo on a Thursday, and I was in the studio with Trace the following Monday singing the scratch vocal. Tom and I have both been doing this a while and neither one of us had ever had anything move that fast. It was the dream, really. Of course Trace's vocal took it to a whole new level."

Billboard magazine agrees. In a recent review of the song, the highly-respected industry trade calls the tune "a slice of summertime fun with a simmering groove and sultry lyrics." They add that Adkins’ delivery is "earthly, combined with a sense of friskiness, creating an appealing performance that should prove to be a high point in his upcoming live shows." We too agree that the big guy has a born ability to give his fans what they want, and that 'Them Lips (On Mine)' should "whet appetites for his forthcoming album."

'Them Lips (On Mine)' is at radio now, with a music video expected to hit TV and online in coming weeks.

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