We all knew when Tim McGraw delivered new music, he would come armed with something that would make an impact. The 'Truck Yeah' lyrics, penned by Preston Brust and Chris Lucas of LoCash Cowboys, along with Chris Janson and Danny Myrick, do just that.

The latest McGraw tune is loaded down with plenty of rockin' guitar licks, catchy hooks and a chorus that will have you singing along after just one listen.

"Danny was rockin' a bada-- lick on the guitar that day," Brust recalls, as he tells Taste of Country about how the song idea came about that afternoon. "He stopped and said, 'Boys, everybody's telling us to not write songs about trucks or country boys and to not use the word 'country' ... I say, let's write a song about trucks, country boys and the country lifestyle! What do you think?' Chris [Lucas] said, 'I'm in,' Chris Janson said, 'F--- yeah,' and then I said, 'No ... you mean truck yeah!'"

"When Preston said that, we all loved it," Lucas adds, smiling. "We were like, 'Let's write that!' It was a great idea."

"Truck yeah / Wanna get jacked up, yeah / Let's crank it on up, yeah / With a little bit of luck I can find me a girl with a truck, yeah / We can love it on up, yeah / ‘Til the sun comes up, yeah / If you think this life I love is a little too country / Truck Yeah," they wrote for the 'Truck Yeah' catchy chorus lyrics.

"I was like the first thing we've got to do now is try to write something for the kids," Lucas says. "I know these rednecks who are muddin' in their trucks and flyin' down the road are not just listening to country music; they're listening to stuff like Lil' Wayne and LMFAO."

"Got Lil Wayne pumpin' on my iPod / Pumpin' on the subs in the back of my crew cab / Redneck rockin' like a rockstar / Sling a lil' mud off the back, we can do that / Friday night football, Saturday last call, Sunday hallelujah / If you like it up loud and you're hillbilly proud / Then you know what I'm talking about," they wrote in the opening lyrics.

"We were all finishing each others lines, and it just kept going," recalls Lucas. "I was like, 'Watch ... this song is going to come out, and everybody's going to be like, 'That's the Lil Wayne song,' just because it says Lil Wayne in the beginning."

"The lyrics and the melodies were just pouring out of all four of us," notes Brust. "It was so much fun to write."

"Our party in the club in a honky tonk downtown / Yeah that's where we like to hang out / Chillin' in the backroom / Hangin' with my whole crew / Sippin' on a cold brew, hey now / Got a mixed up playlist, DJ play this / Wanna hear a country song / If you like it up loud and you're hillbilly proud throw your hands up now / Let me hear you shout, truck yeah," 'Truck Yeah' continues.

"After writing the song, we were all feeling it," says Lucas. "We knew we had a monster on our hands. The next time we went in with Janson to write, he was like, 'Guys ... McGraw's cutting right now. Me and Preston said, 'Alright, listen ... the only way we're not going to cut 'Truck Yeah' for LoCash is if McGraw calls tomorrow and says he's putting it on his album.' I'll be a son of a gun if he didn't [laughs]!"

"I'll never forget getting the call from Janson the day he told me McGraw was cutting 'Truck Yeah,'" Brust tells us, beaming. "He sounded happier than a skinny tick on a fat dog [laughs]! Chris [Lucas] was standing right next to me, and let me tell you ... we hollered 'Truck Yeah' so truckin' loud! The song is such an anthem. It's got a cool energy, and Tim truckin' nailed it!"

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