Even a country superstar like Keith Urban is inspired by 'Glee' and the art of the mash-up. The show's propensity for mashing up unorthodox opposites, like pop-R&B group TLC’s 'Unpretty' with 'I Feel Pretty' from 'West Side Story,' has caught Urban’s ear. While a mash-up is one of those things that either works like a charm or fails miserably in its execution, that cold, hard fact of musical life isn't going to stop the uber-talented Urban from possibly giving it a go.

CMT reports that Urban told a radio station that such an attempt is not outside of the realm of possibility. He says, "You know, I think people are becoming more accustomed to mash-ups and things like that these days. Hearing unusual sort of songs that you think would be unusual together, to not seem so strange, back to back. So, hopefully, we've got a chance to spin some new songs."

Old Urban and new Urban, smashed together to create something entirely new and modern? Bring it, Keith! He certainly has a wealth of material to pull from, and we're certain of his abilities and talents. Therefore, a mash-up of some of his biggest hits has our tongues wagging.

We'll suggest 'Somebody Like You' mashed up with 'Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me.' Are you listening, Keith?

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