Keith Urban is about to go on "complete vocal lockdown" for three weeks after he has throat surgery, so he took two minutes to issue a video message, thanking fans their support, love, cards, messages and gift baskets. Urban is about to have a polyp surgically removed and is expected to make a full recovery.

In the opening seconds of the video, Urban -- who is always so perfectly coiffed -- made the zipped lips motion with his hands to drive home the point that he won't be speaking for nearly a month. You can see him doing so in the shot above.

He said, "I want to say thank you, thank you very much, for a crazy, great phenomenal year" to the fans. He expressed his gratitude for all those who came to the shows and made him feel their love. "It is palpable, and it was great, phenomenal energy, seeing you sing along to new songs. It was really heartening for me, so for me personally, I had an incredibly great time on this tour and I was sad to see it end."

Urban also wanted to thank fans for sending good wishes and cards before the surgery. "I can't even
express my gratitude," he said. "It's like family. I got the most amazing gift basket." The basket even included pre-written notes for him to hold up while he can't speak.

He really did say "thank you" a lot in the clip, and it was as though he was trying to cram every last word in since he knows he's got to go quiet for a while. He ended the video by saying he'll see fans in 2012.

Watch Keith Urban's Video Message to Fans