When you reach the level of stardom Kelly Clarkson has, you can do whatever you want onstage — including quit singing entirely to hold a stranger’s baby.

Clarkson was performing a show in Salt Lake City on her Piece by Piece tour, when she began her 2006 hit “Breakaway.” Before she even got through the chorus, Clarkson was distracted by a tiny fan in the audience and cut herself off completely to dote on him.

“Can I hold?” she asked excitedly, and his mom handed him right over.

The singer asked his name, which she found out is Boston, and asked him if he’d like a wife, alluding to her own daughter, River Rose. "She’s super cute, like you, with blue eyes and blonde hair,” the star joked.

Clarkson asked Boston if he’d like to say hi to the crowd, and the 16-month-old was not too intimidated, giving a tiny, one-finger wave to the huge audience. Clarkson was over the moon.

She put her microphone down before handing Boston back to his mom, before commenting that she would love to have a little boy one day.

Even after handing the baby back, Clarkson adorably couldn’t focus on the next song, and continued gushing to the audience. “Boston, River, you could one day be together!” she proclaimed.

As she tried to gain composure, she attempted several times to intro the next tune, but kept getting distracted.

“I promise I’ll sing it, not like ‘Breakaway,’” she told them, laughing. “You can listen to it at home, it sounds great on the record. I can’t believe I just stopped singing — that’s what babies do to me!" The new mom finally reigned it in and began the next song, leaving the audience once again charmed by her down-to-earth personality and sense of humor.

Clarkson has been climbing the charts with her most recent single “Invincible,” while she’s on the road wowing fans with not only her own tunes but a host of impressive covers, like Taylor Swift’s "Blank Space" and 'N Sync’s "Bye Bye Bye." Fans can catch her on tour through the end of the tour in October.

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