Kenny Chesney made a lot of University of Georgia students very happy when he played a surprise popup show in Athens over the weekend.

Chesney took the stage in front of a rather intimate crowd of around 500 who were packed into the Georgia Theatre on Aug. 30. The lucky fans were the first to experience CMT's 'Instant Jam,' a show which features live performances and surprise shows. The series (premiering on Sept. 27) will also show how each artist preps for the surprise show and tells fans how they can score the tickets.

Chesney's team placed posters and flyers in downtown Athens on Friday, and of course, fans went crazy, trying to score a wristband for the small two-hour show. The 'American Kids' singer released wristbands at the University of Georgia's Phi Mu sorority house -- they were gone in less than eight minutes.

For the show, Chesney performed 23 songs, several of which he hasn't played in years. He also played songs from 'The Big Revival' and even threw a few curveballs, covering Hank Williams, Sr.'s 'Kaw Liga' and George Strait’s 'Carried Away.' The audience also got a glimpse at the legendary Strait when Chesney Facetimed him during the song, with the crowd singing in the background.

Talk about an epic night! (That's still hip to say, right?) 'The Big Revival' impacts Sept. 23.

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