Kenny Chesney is building buzz for his new album by bringing fans into the studio with him! Check out this exclusive first look at Chesney's new record 'The Big Revival,' complete with a first listen of one of the album's songs, 'Flora-Bama.'

In anticipation of 'The Big Revival,' set to hit store shelves on Sept. 23, Chesney is getting fans excited with a behind-the-scenes look at his music-making secrets. With a stellar team of musicians and producers behind him, Chesney says that the process is equal parts collaboration and creativity.

"This is how we make a record," says the star. "We write a song, bring it in, and I feed off these guys. They feed off our creativity and I feed off their creativity. These guys have made a lot of records with me."

With well over a dozen albums under his belt, Chesney knows a thing or two about making music that country fans will love. And from the look of it, he sure does have fun with the whole entire process, from studio to stage.

"To see it go from the studio to on your record ... and then let the fans take it a step further to singing that song back to you when you're on stage -- the cycle is complete," he says. "That's one of the most satisfying things in the world that I think any entertainer will tell you, especially me.

But while the 'American Kids' singer enjoys every step that goes into making new music, Chesney says that his favorite part is not what happens in the studio, but what happens when he's on stage, giving his all for his fans.

"When we're up there on stage and we're rocking and we're letting the fans have it and we take those songs that we created in here and give it them as hard as we possibly can, that's what makes all the hard work worth it," the singer insists. "To feel that connection with the fans and the audience. It makes the creative process so satisfying."

'The Big Revival' is Chesney's seventeenth studio album. For fans who are ready to hear music now and can't wait any longer, you can pre-order 'The Big Revival' on Amazon or iTunes for an instant download of three of the album's eleven tracks!

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