After Kenny Chesney released his 'Pirate Flag' video, the anticipation for his new album 'Life on a Rock' was ramped up even higher. As fans wait for his next record, they can find the inspiration behind his newest country music masterpiece -- and the beautiful cover art that accompanies it.

Chesney helps explain the intriguing 'Life on a Rock' cover art via a Facebook post. The singer, who's gearing up for his No Shoes Nation Tour, explains how like the music, the art is, "snapshots of places I’ve been, people I’ve loved and moments I wish I could bottle up ... literally, pictures from my life."

That would explain the montage of photos on his cover art, which includes several different images: Chesney relaxing on the beach, sand-covered toes, a pirate flag, and other captivating pictures including the chair that inspired the fan-favorite 'Old Blue Chair.'

He goes on to explain that the songs look at "where I’ve been, what I’ve learned and hopefully how we grow. I can’t share the music for a bit, but here’s the cover. It’s a lot like this record actually sounds!" While you can't judge a book by its cover (or an album by its cover art), Chesney's newest album looks like it will be inspirational and fun.

Chesney's new album is out April 30, and it may help him land the list of Top Country Earners again next year.