It's time for a hard-earned and well-deserved break for that road dog known as Kenny Chesney.

The singer, one of the most successful touring acts working today, regardless of genre, is taking a year off from touring. He won't hit the road and visit the No Shoes Nation in 2014.

That means 2014 will be only the second time that Chesney has not embarked on a nationwide tour since 2001. So, yes, he has most definitely earned a year off the road.

Fans will miss him -- a summer sans Chesney is a strange thing to comprehend. But they will certainly be excited for when he does return in 2015.

But rest assured, Chesney faithful. He is not burnt out on touring. The singer, who is in the midst of his No Shoes Nation Tour, which hits 42 stadiums and has sold a million tickets, retains that same passion for the road. But he wants to put time and effort into his next album, instead of making a record so he has something to support with a tour.

"I love touring more than anyone in the world," Chesney told the Hollywood Reporter. "I love the band, the crew, the whole team -- and it's weird to not be looking at next year's stage design, but I shouldn't make albums to service the tour. So I'm going to put the music first, dial it back and do the strangest thing in the world: not hit the road next summer."

In 2014, Chesney will work on the follow up to 'Life on a Rock,' which dropped in April. He plans to give it his all.

"You get to a point when you've made a lot of albums and you need to challenge yourself, to really make the record the focus, to ask yourself what you want to say ... and not just cut songs because they fit what people expect," he confessed. "It's a lot harder to find those songs than you'd think, and writing takes time -- to think, to live, to be."

Chesney continued to espouse his love of road life, saying, "We have so much fun out there ... with the fans, the other bands ... It's summer camp with guitars and a great sound system. And when we hit that stage every night, and hear the crowd, that's the best drug in the world. How you take a year off from that is hard; but music is the reason I do all of it, so right now, when I'm coming off an album that took me places I didn't know I was gonna go, I think that's what I should be exploring."

In essence, Chesney is taking a year off to focus on the artistry of his next album and then's a doubly good thing for fans. He'll make a great record that fans love and want to hear live. It's a win-win.