Kid Rock and Martina McBride dumped rapper T.I. for a more radio friendly version of the song 'Care' from Kid Rock's most recent 'Born Free' album. T.I. was responsible for the song's third verse, but it's not missed in this version. Together the remaining singers turn this duet into an unlikely song of inspiration and good will -- a popular but welcome theme lately.

"Day by day my life gets colder / My ice grows thin as I get older / Peace in peaces, bloody and bruised / I feel so helpless and confused," Kid Rock sings in his best '70s soul singer voice to begin the song. Somehow he's done a nice job of adding folk singer to his resume. Fifteen years ago his fans would have laughed at that idea.

"They're screaming on the left / 
Yelling on the right
 / I'm sittin' in the middle trying to live my life /

'Cause I can't stop the war
 / Shelter homeless, feed the poor
 / Can't walk on water / I can't save your sons and daughters
 / I can't change the world and make things fair
 / The least that I can do is care," the chorus goes. Then McBride takes over.

"I pray and pray for life's salvation / Faith is tried and true in tribulation / Love is lost and lonely, check the news / And with these open arms I'll wait for you," she adds.

'Care' feels a little too much like one of those songs thrown together in the wake of a national tragedy but only an ogre could spit on this uplifting message. It's likely one will want to move on after a few listens -- that's just how these song are -- but that doesn't discredit a meaningful performance by both McBride and Kid Rock. The two sound good together and should consider another duet. In the meantime, we recommend this song on Monday, one day after reliving the September 11 attacks during numerous television and internet tributes. Nothing will sound finer.

Listen to Kid Rock Feat. Martina McBride, 'Care'