Kip Moore's 'Dirt Road' video address his own doubts growing up in a Southern Baptist church, juxtaposed against the visuals of what Moore views heaven -- at least on Earth -- to be like, complete with a pretty girl, beer and a country dirt road.

The clip begins in a church, with a preacher standing stoic in front while the congregation sings 'Amazing Grace.' Soon, viewers realize the boy in many of the clips is Moore at a young age, and throughout the music video, it flashes back to him sitting in the pew, looking pensive, trouble, and a bit confused as the fiery preacher gets riled up, shouting about hellfire and brimstone.

Much of Moore's 'Dirt Road' video centers around the country singer and a lovely blonde girl. They cuddle up against his car, roam the countryside of Austin, Texas and ride his truck down the dusty dirt road. It's an idyllic setting, and as no surprise, Moore cracks open a few cold ones throughout the video, lending a visual to the lyrics: "But unless it’s got a dirt road leading down to a fishing hole / With a little piece of moonlight / A couple cans of Bud Light / Where I can cuddle with my baby and I can pull her real close."

"I grew up in a small Southern Baptist town, and the song is speaking of what that’s like as a young kid and young teenager,” Moore tells “[Being] 12, 13 years old [and] trying to understand hellfire, damnation every single Sunday morning. Trying to process that is a tough thing, so that’s where that song originated from ..."

Fans will appreciate the simplicity of the 'Dirt Road' music video, which focuses on important things in everyday life: loved ones, gorgeous scenery and an appreciation for the simple blessings that fill our days -- including a cold Bud Light in the summertime air.

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