Wait, only two verses? Kip Moore's new single 'Young Love' is a more traditional arrangement than his previous hits, but that doesn't mean it's generic. With this warm ballad, the 'Hey Pretty Girl' hitmaker proves his sharp storytelling is the rule, not the exception.

Moore's husky voice is comfortable with a love song, yet some sort of hurt or regret seems to soak into this interpretation. On paper, the opening lines feel like Trisha Yearwood's 'She's in Love With the Boy,' if Bruce Springsteen were to cover it.

"Your daddy thought I was wrong for you / Thinking back, your mom did too / Two wrongs never felt so right," Moore says over what begins as a simple piano and guitar arrangement. Producer Brett James builds his soundscape layer by layer as Moore's story unfolds and reaches its climax.

"And that damned ol’ truck of mine broke down / Your ol’ man cussed me out / And swore, that's the last I’d see your face / I’d pulled into your neighbors drive and cut the lights / And you'd slide on over, on over we'd ride," he sings before the next-to-last chorus. A clandestine trip to Panama City falls somewhere in between that first date and the heartwarming close to this track.

"There was really know way of knowing / But look at us baby, we're still going."

Dan Couch and Westin Davis helped Moore pen 'Young Love.'

Why Fans Will Love It: Moore's story will feel like their story. It's a love story that allows for some chest-thumping (proving her daddy wrong, etc...) without sacrificing heart or romance.

Key Lyrics: "‘Cause young love don't know / Nothing when the radio / Plays, you sing along / When she’s holding on / You just can't get close enough / You swear, it's sent from above / It’s real, it’s good and it’s young love"

Did You Know?: Moore has had his share of heartbreak. "I think you haven't lived life if it hasn't happened to you at least one time," he tells Taste of Country. In fact, he says he's lived a pretty hard life, but -- without going into specifics -- admits much of his trouble is self-inflicted. "Sometimes I can't get out of my own way," he admits.

Listen to Kip Moore, 'Young Love'

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