Texas country hitmaker Kyle Park is ready to spill his true feelings for his leading girl, and he's doing it all over the airwaves. 'Make or Break Me,' from his forthcoming new album with the same name, is a song that reminds us how amazing it is to have that one special person who makes our lives better. To top it all off, this new single is so catchy that it'd be impossible for it not to strike a match with country music fans.

"I know you too well / Maybe more than myself / So don't try to hide anything," Park says, rather confidently, in the opening line. As he continues, he makes it his duty to point out that the girl in question is always trying to run away from her problems, but he wants her to know he's her go-to from now on.

"There's no need to move, girl, you know I'll be still," he tells her as he leads into the smooth chorus. "Still the same man that I was the first day that I told you I'll never let get away from me baby / You make or break me."

Throughout the rest of the song, Park assures his girl that through all of the rough patches they've hit, they're still as hot as they ever were -- and it all comes back to the fact that she holds his heart in her hands.

'Make or Break Me' is one of those feel-good country tunes that reminds us of the classics and slides right off the tongue, making it easy to sing along with in the car or two-step to it at the dancehall. If there are more where this came from, Park is going to score big on the charts with his new album. 'Make or Break Me' impacts on September 20.

Listen to Kyle Park, 'Make or Break Me'