Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott just tied the knot with husband Chris Tyrrell a few months ago, but excited fans are already keeping an eye out for a baby bump. Unfortunately for baby-crazed followers, the lead singing beauty and her husband aren't planning to expand their family just yet.

Lady A's star singer is looking forward to motherhood, but she wants to enjoy some downtime with her band and her hubby first. Scott -- who just turned 26 on April 1 -- and her 'Need You Now' bandmates are too busy touring right now to think about much else. The country trio is on the road until June in the States, and then they'll take Europe by storm until sometime in July.

Though, Scott isn't the only Lady Antebellum member to make some major life changes recently. Band member Dave Haywood proposed to his girlfriend in December, and he's looking forward to planning a wedding this year.

"I have asked Hillary and Charles a few things because I would like to get both the female and male perspective on wedding planning," Dave told the Boot.

Now that the entire group has the whole marriage thing figured out, they're already brainstorming about touring with babies.

“[We'll] make a really wicked nursery under there,” Scott suggested to Country Weekly, presumably referring to the bus. “The family’s grown.” She also said the entire band is happier now that they’ve found their soul mates.

Even though Scott has placed motherhood on the back burner for now, she assures fans that she and Tyrrell will start planning to expand their family some time in the near(ish) future.