Touring in itself is hard work. There's endless hours on the road, late nights, tons of shows, soundcheck and little privacy. Add a baby to that, and you've got your hands full. Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum gives the scoop on what touring with 13-month-old Eisele is like, and the one decadence she's had to give up.

“It’s a lot to juggle,” the 28-year-old tells People. “When I’m on the road and touring, my whole day revolves around when I need to get ready, so by a certain time I need to be taking a shower and if I’m 10 minutes late, then it’s going to make the rest of the day shift."

She adds, “It can get stressful.”

Despite the stress that partners with touring and a baby, Scott is able to see the bright side -- she's learning the art of multitasking, which is something that becomes a reality when you're a working mom.

"I’m learning how to multitask!" the songstress exclaims. “I do my own hair and makeup every night, so just juggling everything and wanting to prioritize having quality time with her and fitting in working out, sound check and hair and makeup."

Though, along with a baby comes sacrifice, and for the 'Downtown' singer, casually sipping a drink and relaxing before the show is no longer at the top of her to-do list.

"Before Eisele, the pre-show ritual was a cocktail. Now I’m changing a diaper and then walking on stage. Or giving her a bath or putting her to bed, which is really precious time honestly, and then getting on stage,” she relates. “It’s different. Life is really different.”

Soon, Baby Antebellum will have a playmate on the road, as Haywood's wife gave birth to a baby boy at the beginning of September. There will be even less Doritos, whiskey and bourbon and a whole lot more diapers on board, but you probably won't hear any of the elated parents complaining.

Lady A's new album, '747,' drops Sept. 30. Hopefully Scott will be able to celebrate with a cocktail ... or three.

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