Lady Antebellum's '747' hits land on Sept. 30, and the album's final track, 'Just a Girl,' may be one of the most heartfelt on the album. In this video made exclusive to Taste of Country, the trio talks about the song and what the lyrics truly mean.

The song, which repeatedly expresses the sentiments that "to you I'm just a girl," seem to really speak to female frontwoman Hillary Scott, who says the subject something most women can relate to. It's that feeling of being done after having your heart trampled on by someone.

“You’re not gonna find very many girls who haven’t been made to feel this way,” Scott says in the clip. "There’s so many stereotypes that come along with ‘like a girl’ or ‘Just a Girl’ on it. It’s like, you know what? We’re made of the same blood and bones, heart and soul, and I think it’s just an honest song about that — about ‘I recognize exactly what this is and I’m gonna let it happen one more time, but from now, on I’m not gonna look at myself as just a girl."

Even though the song title makes it sound like it's more for women, Charles Kelley says 'Just a Girl' is really just a song about relationships.

"It’s a song, too, about relationships," Kelley explains. "People taking advantage of somebody’s heart. It’s like, ‘To you I’m just this person you can call’ and this realization that she has, it’s like, ‘Done. This is it. I’m done.'"

'747' will include 'Just a Girl' as well as Lady A's hit single, 'Bartender.'

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