Lady Antebellum's latest single is a tender and beautiful love ballad with lyrics about how ending the night with 'Just a Kiss' can be one of the most romantic joys in life. Written by the trio -- Hillary Scott, Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley -- along with Dallas Davidson, the song was something that came about unexpectedly, but turned out better than they anticipated it would in the end.

"I went out on the road with them, and we wrote a couple of things," Davidson tells Taste of Country. "We recorded one song called ‘We Own the Night.’ Charles called me as they were about done with the record. He said, ‘Man, we want to write again.’ So the band came over [to my office] one morning. We started writing this other song. We were trying to find Hillary a little uptempo girl song. We wrote this cool thing."

But one thing kept jumping out in Davidson's mind that he wanted to touch on. "When I got to the office that morning, Dave was the first one there. He was sitting at my keyboard playing this dunt-dunt-dunt-dunt stuff, which is the riff in 'Just a Kiss,'" Davidson recalls. "When we got done with the other song, I kept going back, saying, ‘Man, there’s something about what you were playing earlier … let’s mess with that before we leave.’ So he started playing it again."

"The band, they’re great writers," Davidson continues. "They started spitting out stuff. Charles started spitting out this melody, then Hillary joined in, and I had my little phone. I looked in my phone because I was thinking, 'Now is a good time for a title,' and there it was: 'Just a Kiss Goodnight.' I spit that out, and off to the races we were. They had to go back on the road, so we got back together one night to finish it, and I mean they were serious! They knew they were onto something, way more than I did."

"Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight / Just a touch of the fire burning so bright / I don’t want to mess this thing up / I don’t want to push too far / Just a shot in the dark that you just might be the one I’ve been waiting for my whole life / So baby I’m all right / With just a kiss goodnight," they sing in lyrics of the chorus.

"Hillary was saying it’s cool to have 'just a kiss' goodnight rather than going all the way," says Davidson. "Obviously it was very ladylike. So it went from being 'Just a Kiss Goodnight' to 'Just a Kiss' by the time we were done with it."

'Just a Kiss' is the first single from Lady A's forthcoming third studio album, their followup collection of songs since their smash hit 'Need You Now' record on Capitol Nashville. Look for the trio to perform the song live on 'American Idol' tonight.