Lady Antebellum keep the giving going in what may be their best '7FOR7' episode yet. In a third clip, the band give a beautiful 10-year-old girl a reason to smile again -- and boy does she need it.

Ten-year-old Kate Koval is shopping in the American Girl store when Lady A come up behind her, surprising her. The beautiful young girl is overdue for some good in her life following some serious hardship, and the trio knew that she'd be a good candidate for the good they're doing with their ‘7FOR7' project, with which they're giving out seven surprises in seven days for seven fans.

Kate is busy looking at a doll when Lady A walk up. Of course, she immediately smiles, shocked to see the country group in front of her. Hillary Scott hands over a special edition Isabelle doll to the little girl, but as Scott says, it's "just the tip of the iceberg."

Lady A -- along with Crock-Pot Slow Cooker -- even teamed up to give Kate and her family a year's supply of groceries (in addition to the slow cooker, of course). The group are also helping the little girl decorate her bedroom using their new Heartland home line ... but that's not all!

"We also want to send you and your family to Walt Disney World," Charles Kelley tells the little girl in the sweet video. Naturally, her jaw drops at the news as her caretaker bursts into tears.

So, why so many surprises for this particular 10-year-old? She's faced a lot in her short live, including losing her adopted mom when she was just seven. Kate's aunts then took her in, but two weeks later, they lost their home. The family lost everything.

The story clearly touched Lady Antebellum, who were able to make Kate smile once again.

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