Lady Antebellum are a part of Lipton's 'Drink Positive' campaign, which includes TV commercials featuring the band. Lots of free iced tea -- the quintessential drink of summer -- is also a perk of the partnership! In a new Lipton TV commercial, Lady A can be seen refreshing themselves during a show.

As usual, fans are screaming for them, clamoring for more, with Charles Kelley acknowledging that it's hot. To beat the heat, the trio downs some cool and crisp tea to refresh and replenish so they can return to the stage for the encore. But not before some nifty animation, which demonstrates what 'happens' when you fill your body with the product they're selling.

After the band fuels their insides, they turn clear with green leaves floating in them... sort of like a sci-fi way to promote their new campaign. If it's good enough to propel a Lady A performance, it's good enough to quench your thirst, right?

Watch Lady Antebellum in New Lipton Iced Tea Commercial

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