The power behind the punch of Lady Antebellum's sophomore album has withered away to little more than a slap to the cheek with the group's fourth single 'Wanted You More.' The best songs from 'Own the Night' have already been issued as singles, and while hope remains for a late surge ('Cold as Stone' or 'Friday Night' perhaps), this new offering is more style than substance.

'Wanted You More' relies on skillful harmonies and slick production to cover the lack of lyrical content. "I guess I wanted you more / And looking back now, I'm sure / I wanted you more / I guess I wanted you more," Hillary Scott and Charles Kelley plead during the chorus.

They talented duo sing with the same passion and energy that have made the trio (with Dave Haywood) country superstars, but that may be the problem: it's the exact same passion and energy. The long, static notes are hardly indecipherable from the harmonic tones on 'Dancing Away With My Heart' -- and to a lesser degree -- 'Just a Kiss.'

"My heart was open, exposed and hoping / For you to lay it on the line / In the end it seemed / There was no room for me / Still, I tried to change your mind," Scott sings, leading Kelley through the end of the second verse. Seven different songwriters are credited with penning 'Wanted You More,' perhaps proving that too many opinions can grind away the edge of any good idea.

"Ohhh, I don't need you / I don't need you anymore," they shout to close the song over heavy strings and pop-country instrumentation.

Lady Antebellum have always relied on slick, modern production, so the fact that the song leans toward pop radio certainly no criticism. In that way, they're staying true to the sound fans have fallen in love with. The song is simply a lesser version of one we've heard before from the group.

2 Stars

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