There is nothing like the love between a father and daughter, and while Lauren Alaina's relationship with her dad has had its ups and downs, she has never been prouder of him than she is right now

"Oh my gosh, my dad's the best," Alaina said backstage at the 2018 CMA Music Festival, as reported by Sounds Like Nashville. "I’m really proud of my daddy. October 6th will be his five-year anniversary of being sober. So that’s a big one for us."

"It’s been really amazing the last few years with his recovery," Alaina — real name Lauren Alaina Suddeth — explains. "Our relationship was a little rocky before he went into rehab and now we talk every single day. And he is my daddy and I’m so proud of him."

J.D. Suddeth's struggles with alcohol have found a way into Alaina's music over the years. An emotional song called "Same Day, Different Bottle," first shared in 2013, documents the fight that her father has always seemed to have with the bottle, at least in her eyes. It's been a battle for the country singer, too — time has allowed Alaina not only to forgive, but to recognize all of the amazing traits she inherited from her dad.

“He’s the hardest worker I know," she says. Another revealing song about Alaina's parents' divorce and J.D.'s rehab stint, "Doin’ Fine," is currently making its way up the charts.

"That’s why I work so hard, because I grew up watching him do it. I’m proud of him — he moved to Alabama for work and he loves it," Alaina shares, "And he’s like 30 minutes from the beach. So I’m trying to hit that beach up every minute I can. But I’m really proud of him and he’s a great dad and he always has been."

No doubt Daddy is proud of his little girl, too, as Lauren Alaina is a current opener on Jason Aldean's tour.

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