Lauren Alaina is looking as beautiful as ever, something the teen and 'American Idol' runner-up addresses in a new video interview with Yahoo, which took place at the rehearsals for the just-started American Idols Live tour. Alaina admits she has been working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and that it's not the pace or the stress of the show that caused her to drop some pounds.

She revealed she is on a delivery diet, where she gets a bag of good-for-you food every morning. "I have had some things that are not personally what I would choose to eat, but it's trial and error," the singer said about adapting and adjusting to the dietary fare.

Alaina also said that she has been working on getting trim for several months, but it was not a matter of doing so just to look good -- but to be healthy. We've all seen starlets fall victim to "exhaustion" and "malnourishment" thanks to their chaotic lifestyles, so Alaina is on a bit of a preemptive strike, and looking good is a positive byproduct of her efforts. Alaina said, "I worked on it throughout the show. If you look at my first audition to where I ended, I look like a different person. I try to better myself all the time. I need to be healthy. That is my main goal. If I can look better at the same time, that would be great."

The singer admitted that she doesn't read online chatter relating to her weight loss, which is a bright move on her part, since she doesn't need to be distracted by keyboard ninjas who hide behind computer monitors making nasty and unwarranted comments.

Alaina also elaborated a little on her tour wardrobe, saying that keeping cool during the hot summer months will be paramount and that she will probably sport "lots of dresses." She also said that she will be singing a pop song on the tour, even though her debut album will be country. "It wasn't my choice, but it's working out," she said, indicating a wee bit of discomfort at having to sing a non-country song. "It sounds country because I am singing it, but it's not a country song," Alaina acknowledged it is out of her element, but we're sure she'll do just fine, and look terrific doing it.

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