The introduction to Lawmen: Bass Reeves is over. During Part 3, viewers of the new Paramount+ western will learn about the man's character and conviction.

  • Lawmen: Bass Reeves stars David Oyelowo, Barry Pepper, Lauren E. Banks and more.
  • Part 1 and 2 debuted last week and served as an introduction to the character and his family across 15 years.
  • Reeves is based on a real-life lawman known for arresting more than 3,000 outlaws.

No spoilers here, but you will find 20 pictures from the third episode.

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A number of new characters turn up as Bass Reeves sets out to hunt his first outlaw. To get the job done, he needs to play a high-stakes game of poker with the leader of a criminal enterprise and avoid gunfire — lots of gunfire.

Expect the Dutton Rules podcast team to discuss this episode in depth on Monday.

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Lauren Smith/Paramount+

When Is Lawmen: Bass Reeves, Part 3 Available?

Part 3 of Lawmen: Bass Reeves starts streaming on Sunday (Nov. 12) on Paramount+. The episode begins where Part 2 ended. Reeves gets formally sworn in as a Deputy U.S. Marshall by Judge Parker (Donald Sutherland) and goes after his first convict, a young man named Billy Crow (Forest Goodluck).

Another new character introduced during Part 3 is Garrett Montgomery, played by Garrett Hedlund (Tulsa King). The Reeves family also ends up with an addition.

PICTURES: Look Inside 'Lawmen: Bass Reeves' Part 3

Lawmen: Bass Reeves continues on Paramount+ on Sunday (Nov. 12), and pictures released in advance give fans an exciting preview of the action in Part 3.

Gallery Credit: Billy Dukes

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