Here's an adorable and candid LeAnn Rimes photo opp that wasn't staged for the paparazzi, as rumors recently suggested. The singer shared an air kiss with a really big fish while having a good time on the wide open waves in Cabo, where she was recently on vacation.

Rimes posted the image on her busy Twitter feed, captioning it simply but effectively! "I reeled him in," she wrote.

She sure did. She got close enough to blow an air kiss his way. While it may have been a little more fun to see her plant a big smooch smack dab on the sea creature's lips, we're not sure we would do the same, so we can't really fault her.

Rimes, who is generous with photos on her Twitter feed, is said to have a deal in place with paparazzi where she tips them off to her whereabouts so they can snap favorable photos of her out and about. Who knows if that's true, but this photo is certainly authentic and without the pap flashbulbs.